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Fox's Headquarter, situated in Opera (Milan), covers a surface of 7500 mq.Our production, always in continuous evolution, is the result of 25 years of experience in the oleodynamic field and is articulated in two different lines of products.

One dedicated to the manufacture of a complete range of hydropneumatic accumulators with volumes that change from 0.04 to 50 liters, in different executions: bladder, membrane, welded, threaded, steel, stainless steel, pvc, polypropylene and special executions studied on the basis of the particular applications asked by the customer.

The second line of production is dedicated to the pressure switches and the electrohydraulic instruments used for the control of the productive process and in particular of the values of pressure, temperature, level and capacity present in the hydraulic and pneumatic circuits.

We export our products worldwide as a confirmation of our 20 years experience on the market and since year 2003 we are certificated ISO 9001:2000.

we are certificated BUREAU VERITAS DIN EN ISO 9001:2008
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